17 of the Weirdest Things Seen on the T

Most Bostonians maintain a solid love-hate relationship with the MBTA. Sure, it’s great not having to drive everywhere, but there are always a few elements of the MBTA experience we could all do without.

Reddit users recently shared their most bizarre, disgusting or just plain creepy MBTA stories – you can read the full lists here and here, but we picked out 17 of our favorites below:

1. The marriage proposal, mugger-style:

2. The guardians of late-night freak authenticity:

3. The guy watching porn with comfort food:

4. The “that’s not how you eat a banana’’:

5. The man who knows what he likes…:

6. …and what the ladies like:


7. The “and we aren’t even in Salem!’’:

…prompting one user to respond:

8. The ugh:

9. The passenger still lost on the “manilla’’ vs. “vanilla’’ distinction:

10. The old cat food welcoming committee…:

11. …to the welcoming cats AS food committee:

12. The “I’m not sure which is weirder’’ category:

13. The one too weird to possibly make up:

14. The classic ‘Oh God. OH GOD.’:

15. And last but not least – the one with the handcuffs:

Wading through the weirdness, some users took the time to share some pleasant – though equally bizarre – experiences on their rides, too:

16. The mysteriously behaved teenagers:

17. The day everything goes suspiciously right:


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