Scott Brown Tweets Pic Posing with DeLorean, Spells DeLorean Wrong

Scott Brown, New Hampshire candidate for U.S. Senate, tweeted out a photo of himself and a supporter with the supporter’s futuristic-looking, gull-winged DeLorean on Saturday. Yes, that’s the car from “Back to the Future.’’ And yes, he spelled the name of the car wrong.

Quick to respond was Kathy Sullivan, former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair and current Democratic National Committee member:

(Technically they’re both wrong; neither capitalized the ‘L’).

It isn’t the biggest mistake he’s appeared to make recently. The candidate seemed to forget what state he was running in last December, and may have made another reference to running in Massachusetts rather than New Hampshire this week. Give the guy a break—his campaign hasn’t been going as well as it could.


One Twitter user even suggested he may have been spelling poorly on purpose:

Whatever the case may be, the DeLorean DMC-12 is a far cry from his whole pickup-truck shtick. According to, of the roughly 9,200 produced in the early ‘80s, it is estimated that only 6,500 exist in the world today.

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