94-Year-Old Bagger is Casualty of Market Basket War

Arthur St. John, 94, has has his hours cut at Market Basket.
Arthur St. John, 94, has has his hours cut at Market Basket. –Jason Schreiber Photo

As Arthur S. and Arthur T. continue their Market Basket stalemate that has left thousands without a paycheck, yet another Arthur has emerged in the saga-like standoff.

Arthur St. John, the [former?] 94-year-old bagger at the grocery store chain’s Stratham location in New Hampshire who has been asked “not to report to work,’’ apparently endeared himself to so many customers that one in particular decided to start a crowd funding effort to make sure he can keep paying his bills during this time of uncertainty.

St. John, who turned 94 last week — shortly before he had his hours cut — had until recently worked at the same Market Basket store for 22 years, reported Seacoast Online. “I’ve been working since I was 16 years old,’’ he said. “I’ve got to keep going. I’ll keep going somehow.’’


That “somehow’’ may become somewhat of a reality with the gofundme page that has raised nearly all of its goal of $3,000.

A week earlier, St. John told Seacoast Online that “As long as I’ve got my job, it’s all right.’’

But perhaps more accurately, as long as he has someone who cares enough to solicit funds on his behalf and others to donate money toward his welfare, St. John will still be all right.

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