Mo. Police: Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Did Not Know Teen Was a Robbery Suspect

The officer who shot the Missouri teen Michael Brown was identified Friday as Darren Wilson.

In a press conference Friday morning, Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Wilson has been on the force for six years.

According to Jackson, there was a convenience store robbery that occured in the area shortly before Brown was shot.

Wilson, however, did not know about the robbery or that Brown was considered a suspect.

According to the police report, Brown and a friend entered the convenience store and placed several boxes of cigars on the counter. Brown tried to leave the convenience store with multiple boxes of Swisher Sweet cigars before being confronted by the clerk. Brown reportedly grabbed and pushed the clerk away from the door before walking out of the store with the cigars.


Police released surveillance photos of the robbery suspect.

Wilson was treated for injuries after the shooting.

Wilson has had no history of disciplinary action taken against him. Officials have moved Wilson and his family out of the town as a safety precaution.

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