Hawk 1, Drone 0: Video Captures Hawk Attack on Quadcopter

Cambridgeport resident Christopher Schmidt took his quadcopter to Magazine Beach to film the changing color in the trees.

What he got instead was a video of a battle between nature and technology.

Typically while flying the quadcopter, Schmidt said, he might encounter a bird or two flying around it. On that day, however, a hawk spotted the drone.

“My turning the quadcopter, as you can see in the video, was an attempt to move away from the area that he was circling, since I had seen him in the park earlier,’’ Schmidt told Boston.com. “As he flew closer, I first thought ‘that will be an interesting shot.’’’


That interesting shot turned into a hawk attack.

The hawk hit the camera then flew off, victorious, as the copter fell to the ground.

Luckily, neither the hawk nor the drone appeared to suffer any damage from the encounter. With the video going viral, Schmidt said he’ll donate a portion of proceeds made from its use to the Mass Audobon society.

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