Massachusetts Man Is Shipping Our Record-Breaking Snow for $89

Photo via @ShipSnowYo
Photo via @ShipSnowYo

Kyle Waring is making a profit off the very snow sitting in your front yard, on top of your car, and on top of every thing in this entire city for that matter.

It’s both a why-didn’t-I-think-of-this and wait-people-really-pay-for-that business plan. This all started when Waring and his wife, like so many of us, were shoveling their yard in Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Waring joked about sending the snow to friends and family. The joke soon turned into a legitimate business when Waring launched, a site that claims to use “snow as a service.’’

The service is shipping snow to friends and family members in warmer climates, the very people who, when you send pictures of snow tunnels and selfies with your eyelashes covered in snow, reply with pictures of their toes in the sand.


At first, many of the 112 recipients of snow shipments received 16.9-ounce water bottles filled, not with “historic Boston snow’’ from winter storm Neptune, but with “historic water’’ because the snow melted in transit. (Actually, the snow is technically from Waring’s home in Manchester-by-the-Sea, not Boston). Nonetheless, Waring warned melting could happen on the website, but says he’s more prepared this time.

Instead of just sending water bottles, which he sold for $19.99, Waring launched a new product today: 6 pounds of snow for “only $89’’ (marked down from $99). The price includes shipping, and Waring says he can get the snow to any destination in the U.S. in 20 hours. He still expects the snow to melt, but this time, has packaged it differently.

“I put the snow in a plastic bag, and put that in tinfoil,’’ Waring said. “Then I put that package in an insulated container that’s an inch and a half thick, and ship it overnight. It’s sealed tight in Omaha steaks packaging.’’

Waring says even if the snow melts a little by the time it reaches its destination, which it will, the package can still make 10-15 solid snowballs.

And, yes, people are paying $89 for this. Waring sold out of the new product in 24 hours — all four of them. He prepared 10 packages for the Monday release and expects to sell out just as quickly.


“It seems to be corporations paying for the $90 product as a funny gesture, where the $20 one is regular consumers,’’ he said.

He’s also launching a 10-pound package for $119 today, and there’s no word on who the typical clientelefor this priceypackage might be.

Waring has a full-time job at the GSN Games in Boston, so the snow shipping has been a side project. He plans to keep shipping as long as there’s snow and as long as people will pay for it.

“At this rate, it’s going to be July until the snow melts,’’ he said. “But I’ve thought about taking this idea and running with it for other seasonal items. Maybe I’ll ship some fall foliage.’’

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