At least one Southie resident is not impressed by Ben Affleck’s old-timey cars

If you’ve been out and about in Boston this week, you may have run into a surprising number of 1920s-era cars. Thanks to the filming of Ben Affleck’s newest movie, Live By Night, these old-timey cars and trucks were spotted in the Back Bay and Southie.

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But at least one South Boston resident either didn’t appreciate Affleck’s auspicious autos taking up precious parking real estate or couldn’t resist trolling the movie star: He or she used the city’s “Bos:311’’ app to lodge a complaint about the cars, The Boston Globe reports.

“Illegal Parking at 61 M St., South Boston,’’ the complaint says, which includes a photo of the offending vehicles.“Two vehicles without [resident permit parking].’’


For its part, the city didn’t stick Affleck with a ticket. “Case Closed. Case Noted. Resident parking goes into effect at 6 p.m. Will check area then,’’ the response says.

How do you like them apples, anonymous Southie antagonist?

Read the full article in The Globe.

Photos from the Live By Night set:

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