10 questions with Katie Nolan, the fiery host of Garbage Time

Who are the worst NFL fans? When is she moving back to Boston? Why isn’t she the next Bill Simmons?

Katie Nolan can hang.

Framingham native Katie Nolan, the host of Fox Sports 1’s television show Garbage Time and diehard Patriots fan, was home over Thanksgiving to celebrate with her family. So we snagged her for an afternoon and asked her a bunch of questions. She was a great sport and answered them.

1. Which NFL fans are the worst?

It’s always Cowboys fans.

2. DraftKings and FanDuel: Gambling or not gambling?

Gambling. But I spent—not to derail you—the whole day at Dave and Buster’s yesterday and that’s kind of gambling, too. I f*cking love Dave and Buster’s. I’m obsessed. It’s training children to gamble. Some games are games of skill like DraftKings and FanDuel. Others are like, maybe this will go in, or it won’t. It’s like a kid casino. I think they pump oxygen in like at Foxwoods.


3. Are you the next Bill Simmons?

Am I the next Bill Simmons? I don’t think so. I haven’t built a media property. He’s the best at finding voices he likes and paying people money to work for him. He’s been super supportive, he’s such a nice f*cking guy. I think people compare us because a) the Boston thing, b) the bartender thing and c) the blog thing. But he built a website, and that’s what he’s the best at. I don’t think I’m the next Bill Simmons, but if you want to say I am then I’m not going to stop you because he’s a millionaire. He’s wonderful.

4. How many times has he tried to get you to work for him?

Just the one time. Apparently Fox Sports and ESPN tried to trade talent, but I didn’t know anything about it. But can you imagine if I went to Grantland and then Bill left?

5. What would your baseball walk-up song be?

Oh, I hate this question because there are so many good ones. I think it would be “Bust a Move.’’

6. If you could move back to Boston, where would you live?


Okay, like ideally? I couldn’t afford something where I want to. Probably like Back Bay? I don’t know, it’s so expensive. I live in New York City, but I live in Hoboken because it’s cheaper there and I can own a condo. People make fun of me—I’m the talent, and when we all go out as the team I’m like, ‘Gotta catch that train to Hoboken!’ But I own a home which is really f*cking sweet. I’d love to live in Back Bay. It would be amazing. The whole city’s gorgeous.

7. Okay, so when are you moving back to Boston?

Hopefully within five years. I would love to learn how to start my own production company and start it in Boston. There’s no reason the show can’t be in Boston. I would f*cking love to come back.

8. When you were little, what did you want to be?

An astronaut, then a ballerina, then a teacher. I would be awful at all three of those things now that I know me. I didn’t know me then. I’m so jealous of people who in second grade knew what they wanted to do. There’s this kid—I’m sure I’ll see him at my ten year high school reunion on Friday—who wanted to be a heart surgeon, and I’m fairly certain he’s a heart surgeon now. How did he know that in second grade? I wanted to play legos all day.


9. Hot dogs or hamburgers?

At a barbecue, I usually say both. If my dad’s like, ‘What do you want?’ I say both. But if had to pick, I’d choose a cheeseburger. But not the way my dad cooks it because then it’s a hockey puck.

10. What do your parents call you?

Kate. They’re the only people in my life that call me Kate. If someone else does, I don’t respond.


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