This Portsmouth cop saved a child’s birthday cake by footing the bill for stolen ingredients

–Courtesy of Deb Cram / Seacoastonline

A Portsmouth, New Hampshire, police officer was dispatched to an Ocean State Job Lot when the store called about a woman who had stolen cake mix, Crisco and frosting.

Officer Michael Kotsonis, a 19-year member of the city’s police force, responded to the call last week, according to

After an investigation, Kotsonis determined the identity of the woman, and went to her home. There he learned of the mom’s hope to bake her child a birthday cake with the ingredients. He confiscated the items, but brought them back to the store, asking the manager if he could foot the bill.


“I’m not going to take away a kid’s birthday cake,’’ Kotsonis told “I ended up bringing it back to the mother.’’ reported that the officer wanted the act to remain anonymous, adding that this is one of many similar acts of kindness his fellow officers “do all the time.’’ The tip was called in by a store employee.

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