These messages explain why some Harvard Law students are protesting

It’s about a lot more than the school seal.

After holding a demonstration outside the Harvard Law School Monday, members of the Reclaim Harvard Law movement took to social media to reaffirm the reasons they are demanding change from HLS Dean Martha Minow and other school administrators.

The group presented Dean Minow with a list of eight demands during a Friday morning meeting last week, only one of which concerns the removal of the Royall family crest from the Law School’s official seal.

Other demands centered around the school adjusting its curriculum to include “contextualized learning that draws connections between the law and social subordination based on race, gender, and class,’’ according to the letter’s introduction.


After creating a Twitter account for the movement, Reclaim Harvard Law held a “fireside chat’’ at the WCC Building Tuesday where members held open conversations in between snacks and studying. They also launched a photo campaign, giving people whiteboards to spell out their reasons for demanding change from the school using the hashtag #ReclaimHarvardLaw.

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Other whiteboard messages included “I reclaim Harvard Law because I care enough about this school and this community to hold them to a higher standard’’ and “I reclaim Harvard Law because the Civil Rights Movement was not enough.’’

The group announced they will be continuing their photo campaign at the WCC Building Wednesday from 12-2 p.m.


Photos from the Harvard Law School rally:

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