‘Ice Castles,’ a frozen playground in New Hampshire, is open

After a delayed opening, the winter attraction returned on January 22.

My friend @moodycampaign climbs a thing.

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After an uncommonly warm December pushed back the opening date, New Hampshire’s third installment of Ice Castles opened on January 22, according to the event’s official Facebook page.

Ice Castles, an acre of land filled with frozen ice walls, tunnels, towers, and archways illuminated by multicolored lights, is a literal winter wonderland. It’s safe for people of all ages, too, and its location in Lincoln, New Hampshire is just a two hour drive from Boston. So visiting Ice Castles is a magical (and doable) day trip for folks from the Hub.

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The warm front that lingered in New England before the new year delayed the construction and opening of Ice Castles, and attraction organizers originally believed they wouldn’t open until February, according to earlier Facebook posts. But Jack Frost finally showed up.


Ice Castles has three other locations in Utah, Minnesota, and Canada. The New Hampshire location is the only one in New England.

Tickets to Ice Castles are available online and can be purchased on their website.

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