Students at Harvard Medical School are calling for more diversity on campus

–Pat Greenhouse / Boston Globe

A group of students at Harvard Medical School are demanding the school prioritize diversity in its administration, admission process, and curriculum, Boston magazine reports.

The 65 students, calling themselves the Racial Justice Coalition, have drafted a petition to Harvard President Drew Faust, calling for the next dean of the medical school to prioritize and fight for diversity among the school’s faculty, students, and administration. The medical school’s current dean, Jeffrey Flier, will retire this summer.

“It’s not a trend that’s unique to Harvard, but we do believe that for an institution that really prides itself on the basic, translational, and clinical sciences, that we should also be holding ourselves to the same standard in the social arena,’’ Cameron Nutt, a student involved with the group, told Boston. “Our mission statement actually pushes us to do so.’’


In their petition, the students point out that only two students in the current first year class of 165 students identify as black women and only 5.9 percent of the school’s full-time faculty are “underrepresented in medicine.’’

The petition has about 300 signatures from students and faculty, according to Boston.

Read the full Boston report here.

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