The mother from the classic Prince pasta commercial has died

The commercial icon of the North End was 88 years old.

–David L Ryan/The Boston Globe

A North End icon has passed away.

Mary Fiumara, the woman who shouted “Anthony! Anthony!’’ in an iconic Prince pasta commercial, died on February 2 at 88 years old. Fiumara’s son confirmed Fiumara’s passing to The Boston Globe.

Anthony Martignetti—Fiumara’s son in the commercial—was 12 years old when he starred in the “Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day’’ commercial alongside Fiumara, according to the Globe. In the 1969 advertisement, Martignetti is seen running home for a pasta dinner after Fiumara shouts his name from a Powers Court apartment window. According to Martignetti, even before the commercial gave Fiumara TV recognition, Fiumara was a “legend’’ of the neighborhood.


“She was like my second mother,’’ Martignetti toldthe Globe. “If it wasn’t for her, the commercial wouldn’t exist. They all remember the lady out the window yelling for the kid. Everybody I speak to, they say they remember the lady out the window. There wouldn’t be an Anthony without that voice.’’

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