Worcester will see colder temperatures than Fairbanks, Alaska, this week

Yes, seriously.

Worcester residents who want to escape the bitter cold temperatures this week might want to travel north — much farther north — to find (somewhat) milder winter weather.

Meteorologists are predicting a warmer five-day forecast for Fairbanks, Alaska, than Worcester, the National Weather Service said Tuesday. Worcester is likely to see a high of 14 degrees Tuesday, compared to a high of 26 in Fairbanks.  

National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson said the normal high for Jan. 2 in Worcester is 32 degrees, while the normal high for Fairbanks is 2.

Later in the week when a fresh Arctic air mass is expected to hit New England, the city in the far northwest of the United States is expected to see highs of 16 and 19 on Friday and Saturday, respectively, while the central Massachusetts city is likely to see highs of 10 and 3.


Both Worcester and Fairbanks will see a high near 14 on Sunday, according to their respective seven-day forecasts.


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