National Weather Service to New Englanders: Don’t stand on floating icebergs, OK?

Seriously, just don't.

A car sits in floodwaters on Long Wharf in Boston. Michael Dwyer / AP

The last week of wintry weather has resulted in large ice chunks descending upon the Massachusetts coast, with officials concerned about the possible damage they could cause during Thursday’s massive storm.

And lest anyone get any foolish ideas as the sea ice floods into some coastal areas, the National Weather Service has an important reminder for local residents.

“We do not recommend going out and floating on icebergs,” the service tweeted Thursday, after a photo posted on Twitter by a Fox 25 editor appeared to show one of the network’s reporters standing on one of the ice chunks during a broadcast.


“This is a very dangerous situation along the coastline with major flooding ongoing, peoples homes & other infrastructure becoming inundated and damaged,” added the service.

Meteorologists said Thursday that New England was experiencing coastal flooding levels not seen since the infamous 1978 blizzard.

After being reprimanded by the federal agency, Kathryn Burcham, the reporter pictured in the photo, said her “Titanic” moment was not actually what it seemed. The ice she was standing on, she said, was actually on pavement.