Thundersnow has been reported in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and people are psyched

It's back.

A pedestrian crosses Congress Street in downtown Boston during a snowstorm Thursday. Bill Greene / The Boston Globe

As the storm raced up the New England coast and intensified Thursday, some residents witnessed an event beloved by weather fanatics. Can you hear it?


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Yes, it appears we have our first thundersnow of 2018. The rare winter phenomenon was reported Thursday morning across southeastern New England, including in the suburbs of Boston, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s kind of like two seasons coming together,” Weather Channel meteorologist and thundersnow enthusiast Jim Cantore told in 2015.

“When you think about thunderstorms, you don’t think about winter,” he said. “When its snowing horizontal and its frigid – and it’s like ‘how in the heck is this happening?’”


Cantore, reporting this week from storm-battered Rockport, Rhode Island, continued to share updates on the weather wonder on Thursday.

Just as it did during a nor’easter last February, Thursday’s thundersnow captivated other reporters and local residents alike, many of whom reacted and posted videos on social media.