Here are the reported snow totals in Mass. so far

Some areas have reported more than 8 inches.

Astrid Baker, left, and her daughter, Keelin, of Vestal, NY, brave the cold wind and rain as they head towards the New England Aquarium in Boston , MA on March 04, 2023. The pair were in Boston for a volleyball tournament. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff) (Low pressure moved across Cape Cod Saturday. The track of this low will surge warm air north, and although the storm began as snow, it will eventually change to rain. This will prevent any sort of truly significant snow accumulation from occurring in most of eastern Massachusetts.)

Check back for the latest snow totals as the National Weather Service updates its numbers.

West Newbury 1.1 ESE5.1 in700AM03/04
1 SE Haverhill4.0 in710AM03/04
Ashfield 1.4 NE12.1 in700AM03/04
Rowe11.8 in1000AM03/04
Hawley11.0 in1110AM03/04
Buckland 1.8 ESE9.5 in800AM03/04
Colrain 3.7 WNW9.3 in700AM03/04
1 W Leyden9.0 in1000AM03/04
Conway 2.9 NW8.4 in700AM03/04
Conway 0.9 SW8.0 in800AM03/04
3 NNW Greenfield7.5 in740AM03/04
Greenfield6.3 in800AM03/04
Leverett6.0 in850AM03/04
Greenfield5.0 in530AM03/04
Bernardston 1.0 SW5.0 in700AM03/04
Sunderland 1.3 SE4.2 in730AM03/04
2 SW Chicopee5.5 in858AM03/04
2 SE West Springfield4.5 in325AM03/04
Westfield 2.8 SE4.5 in600AM03/04
2 N Southwick3.8 in800AM03/04
Plainfield 2.2 SW8.6 in815AM03/04
1 WNW Westhampton8.0 in800AM03/04
2 ESE Southampton7.8 in630AM03/04
Williamsburg 1.2 WSW7.0 in635AM03/04
Northampton7.0 in903AM03/04
Northampton 0.6 ESE4.8 in700AM03/04
1 NNE Northampton4.0 in510AM03/04
Amherst3.5 in715AM03/04
Ashby8.0 in943AM03/04
West Townsend 0.5 W5.1 in630AM03/04
Acton 1.3 SW4.2 in700AM03/04
Maynard 0.7 ESE4.1 in700AM03/04
2 SW Tewksbury4.0 in725AM03/04
Townsend4.0 in732AM03/04
Westford4.0 in800AM03/04
2 E Acton3.5 in626AM03/04
Stow3.5 in710AM03/04
1 SW Lexington3.4 in727AM03/04
Westminster 0.6 WSW8.7 in641AM03/04
2 ENE Fitchburg8.2 in1001AM03/04
1 NE Lunenburg8.1 in959AM03/04
2 ENE Fitchburg7.2 in803AM03/04
1 NE Lunenburg7.1 in802AM03/04
3 SE Fitchburg AP7.1 in805AM03/04
4 N Templeton7.0 in800AM03/04
Ashburnham6.2 in711AM03/04
1 SE Hubbardston6.0 in742AM03/04
2 SSW Princeton5.8 in742AM03/04
Sterling5.5 in730AM03/04
1 ESE Fitchburg5.2 in815AM03/04
Barre 1.4 NNE4.8 in700AM03/04
1 NE Leominster4.8 in830AM03/04
Worcester AP4.0 in839AM03/04
1 SSW Sturbridge3.6 in852AM03/04
Dudley3.5 in735AM03/04
3 WNW Sturbridge3.5 in830AM03/04


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