Ever wanted to see a $2 million dog? Now you can

This picture taken on March 18, 2014 shows an unidentified man posing for a photo with two Tibetan mastiffs after they were sold at a "luxury pet" fair in Hangzhou, in eastern China's Zhejiang province. One of the Tibetan mastiff puppies (L) was sold in China for almost two million USD, a report said on March 19, in what could be the most expensive dog sale ever. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/Getty Images –AFP/Getty Images

If you’re doing it right, dogs don’t usually cost more than a few hundred dollars. There are plenty of adorable little fur balls up for adoption around the world, and you’ll never have to break the bank to get one.

But if you’re doing a lot of other things right, you can probably afford to splurge on what’s becoming known as a “luxury pet.’’

And splurge is exactly what a 56-year-old property developer in China did when he paid a cool $2 million for a Tibetan Mastiff at a pet fair on Tuesday.

The Washington Post reported that the price tag may be a new record for dog’s, topping the $1.6 million purchase of a red mastiff in 2011. More from the Post:

In 2010, the Associated Press called the breed the "dog of the moment." Its ownership has come to symbolize wealth and status as much as a new car or an ostentatious mansion.

"I used to invest in German shepherds, but Tibetan mastiffs are what's hot right now," business owner Sui Huizheng, who owns 20 of the dogs, told the AP.


The report said the dog’s breeder was “overjoyed’’ with the record-setting price tag, which, of course he was.

Not only did he get $2 million dollars, but he also got rid of a beast of an animal. The AFP reported the dog was more than 2.5 feet tall and weighed nearly 200 pounds.

Who knows? Maybe he was just happy he broke even after having to feed that thing.

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