Dead Sperm Whale No Longer For Sale on eBay

Apparently eBay was not the right place for a Canadian mayor to try to sell a dead whale.
Apparently eBay was not the right place for a Canadian mayor to try to sell a dead whale. –REUTERS

It seems like mayors in Canada have to deal with problems that are way different than the problems American mayors deal with. That became clear when the mayor of Cape St. George in Newfoundland decided the best way to get rid of a dead sperm whale would be to sell it online.

Mayor Peter Fenwick put the beached 40-foot whale up on eBay and was actually getting some bids, reported. After opening at 99 cents, interested parties were pushing the price past $2,000. Unfortunately, eBay did not appreciate Fenwick’s creative problem-solving and now shoppers will have to find their blubber and bones elsewhere. The auction site took the page down because selling a dead whale went against eBay’s rules, the story said.



Although quite accurately placed in the "really weird" category, the auction violated eBay's rules which state "items made from marine mammals regardless of when the product was made" are prohibited.

But they weren’t the only group upset about Fenwick’s efforts. The Canadian federal government called and threatened the town if it went through with the sale, The Globe and Mail reported. As it turns out, sperm whales are endangered and the sale of a sperm whale or its parts is illegal.

Fenwick backed off, but now he’s just trying to get rid of the thing. Unsurprisingly, a whale corpse that just sits around brings with it a bouquet of aromas that could dry up tourism and push residents to move away. The whale was beached recently (at the end of April), but Fenwick and his town know their days of clean, odorless air are numbered and they are desperate.

“If we’re not allowed to sell it, we’re willing to drop our 99 cent price down to a zero,’’ Fenwick told

So if you’re in the market for a free whale corpse, you know where to find one.

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