New Video of Rob Ford Confirms What Many Already Know: He’s Got Issues

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is pictured leaving his home on Thursday, May 1.
Rob Ford was pictured leaving his Toronto home on May 1. –AP

Here we go again. And again and again.

The latest in a string of videos documenting Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s downward spiral was made public Friday, according to New York Magazine, less than two weeks after another video surfaced showing the embattled city leader allegedly smoking crack cocaine.

Ford has been dogged for months by allegations of crack use.

In the video, a person alleged to be Ford can be seen carousing in a bar, gesturing and fidgeting wildly, and rubbing his rotund belly while demanding shots of Jack Daniels in between calling people “bro’’ over and over.

The video was supposedly shot in a bar on April 27, and New York Magazine published a brief transcript:

FORD: "No one better f--- with me. I'm going to kick you in the f---ing head ... I'll knock you out, pa-pow! (making punching gestures), you b------, you b------... bro, bro."
PATRON: This round of tequila ...
FORD: Jack, Jack Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack (Daniels?), Jack, sweetheart. Jack.
WOMAN: And it's last call.
FORD: I'm nodding here. I'm in f---ing divorce and going to the f---ing doghouse and going in a hotel. (Inaudible) I don't know what to say.

As a result, Ford’s brother, Doug, a Toronto City Councillor, is trying his hardest to prove that Rob Ford is in rehab, according to The Toronto Sun.

"We'll put out something (Friday) that will prove that," he said. "Since the day he went in, he has never been out in public."
Ever since he went in to seek help last week, Doug Ford said, the mayor has been taking it seriously.
"He has at all times been under the supervision of medical professionals and never once been alone one day in treatment," he said.
A mock “missing person” poster was posted in Toronto this week. —REUTERS

Some believe that Ford left his treatment facility for a few days, which is when the newest video was allegedly filmed, the Toronto Sun reported.

Earlier this week, Ford’s lawyer said the mayor was in rehab, but there hasn’t been any proof of this claim, and speculation about his whereabouts has run rampant.

Watch the video here.

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