Bear Saves Cub From Highway, Shows Humanity’s Ruthless Encroachment on Nature

A mother bear is quickly becoming an Internet star after being caught on video grabbing her cub by the nape and removing it from the side of a highway. The video’s description says the close call took place on Tuesday near Kootenay National Park in British Columbia, Canada.

Plenty of people think the video is adorable, and part of it is. Watching that little rascal of a cub get yanked over the barrier is bound to get people saying “ooh’’ or “aww.’’

But try watching it again from the mother bear’s perspective and the story is very different. Here she is, just trying to help her family safely traverse this bizarre non-dirt, non-grass surface, when her baby gets stuck just yards from what appear to be lightning fast predators that are way bigger than she is. Pretty terrifying, right?


And what about the baby’s perspective? At least the mother bear has likely encountered this awful place before, but this is probably one of the cub’s first experiences with cars, highways, or humanity of any kind and it was nearly killed.

Obviously, humanity needs highways or we’d still be in the dark ages, but there’s no question they’re disruptive to nature’s usual routine. So take your moment to gush over this “adorable’’ video, but keep in mind that, for the bears, this probably wasn’t so cute.

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