This 75-Year-Old Sculpted His Hedges into a Massive Dragon

Almost 13 years ago John Brooker started sculpting his lawn hedges into a 150-foot-long dragon. Now 75 years old, the man told BBC News: “I was standing at my kitchen sink one day and thought the hedge was boring, so I decided to do something with it.’’

Do something with it he did. Today the dragon-hedge stands 10 feet tall and 150 feet long, complete with pointy horns and a massive snout. Brooker says he uses a six-foot ladder to reach the top with his clippers.

The Norfolk, UK man’s inspiration may have come from his Army career. “I think the dragon came from my days in the Army,’’ he siad. “I did two tours in Malaysia so the dragon must have been in my subconscious.’’


He also says his wife, a graphic designer, is happy to help with new ideas for the constantly changing sculpture. “I’ve added wings and the top was quite plain but every year I add another couple of lines for definition,’’ said Brooker. Grooming the hedge reportedly takes him three days every time he does it.

Brooker told BBC of his responsibility: “My wife is the gardener, I just cut the lawn and do the hedge.’’

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