CNN Reporter Detained Live on Air While Reporting in Turkey

–Screenshot of CNN TV report

A CNN reporter was detained this morning during a live television report on the one-year anniversary of the Taksim Square protests in Turkey.

In the TV report, Ivan Watson, a correspondent based in Istanbul, discussed tensions between protest groups and the government, and the police presence in the center of the Turkish capital ahead of planned demonstrations.

A few minutes into Watson’s report, he was interrupted by plainclothes police officers who asked if he was a journalist and then requested to see his passport. Watson showed his press card, but was then taken away and can later be heard saying “I’m being kicked’’ three times.


Here is a video of the incident:

Watson later said in a tweet that he and his team were detained for 30 minutes and the Turkish police weren’t satisfied with his press card because “many are counterfeited.’’ Watson also tweeted that the police apologized for kneeing him.

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