Rob Ford Announces his Post-Rehab Comeback

In this April 17, 2014 file photo, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks during the kick off of his re-election campaign at a rally in the city's north end.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford spoke during the kick off of his re-election campaign at a rally in April. –Geoff Robins/Getty Images

After a stint at an undisclosed rehabilitation facility to treat what was widely considered to be an addiction to crack cocaine, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford notified the city that he’s officially on the comeback trail.

In particular, Ford told the city clerk via letter that he “plans to resume my duties of Mayor of Toronto’’ on June 30 “in the latter portion of the afternoon,’’ reported The Toronto Star.

Beneath his signature, Ford scrawled “MAYOR FORD’’ in all-caps.

Despite Ford’s lengthy absence from City Hall, the rotund politician remained a fixture in the media for everything from speculation to his whereabouts to the casting for a musical based on his life.


Random videos of a man who appears to be Ford also surfaced during that time, alleging to show the mayor carousing in various states of intoxication while swearing and uttering racial and homophobic slurs.

A mock missing persons poster surfaced in Toronto during Ford’s time in rehab. —REUTERS

Early last month, however, Ford conducted an interview with The Sun, saying his time in rehab has been “amazing’’ and even compared it to attending football camp.

The mayor will still be at least slightly embroiled in controversy upon his return because of a court case of a woman who was cited for “impaired driving’’ while behind the wheel of Ford’s Cadillac SUV, reported the National Post.

The woman’s first court appearance was Tuesday morning.

The woman, who is not Ford’s wife, claims she knows Ford from rehab.

Ford is expected to continue his campaign for his re-election.

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