Selfie at Running of the Bulls Costs Man $4,100 Fine

The participant ran in front of the bulls as he took a "selfie" during the bull-run of the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain. –Rafa Rivasrafa/AFP/Getty Images

Running with the bulls in Pamplona could cost you your life, and now taking a selfie with those bulls could cost you $4,100.

Thanks to a law passed this year by Navarre authorities, a British man now faces a 3,000 euro fine for snapping a picture of himself running only inches ahead of the stampede Friday.

The new rules are part of a crackdown on filming at the event aimed at protecting participants from serious injury. Four Spaniards and one American have been gored so far this year, and fifteen people have been killed in the running of the bulls since its inception in 1911, according to Spanish newspaper The Local.


“Ahead of this year’s San Fermin festival, the event’s organizers said they planned to work on cracking down on participants for taking selfies. The selfie ban is a protective measure for runners who must navigate the streets of Pamplona as the bulls charge behind them,’’ the International Business Times reported.

It’s the third time a participant has been fined for risky behavior during the event, including a man who officials say surpassed a security line and another who apparently tried to film the bulls with a drone. All three were British citizens.

The last death at the event occurred five years ago, and this year’s festivities end July 14.

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