British Journalist Finishes Spicy Burger That Hospitalized Him, Videotapes The Whole Thing

It took a lot of milk.
It took a lot of milk. –Ruari Barratt

The spicy burger saga continues.

A journalist who was hospitalized by one bite of the “hottest burger in Britain’’ has conquered the sandwich, which is eighteen times hotter than some pepper sprays. Ruari Barratt, of Brighton, U.K.’s The Argus, created a three minute video of the undertaking after the “XXX Burger’’ caused him stomach pains, hallucinations, and hyperventilation two weeks ago.

“I had started contemplating the task almost as soon as the stomach cramps wore off the first time round,’’ Barratt wrote to “It’s hard to come home from being hospitalised by a single bite of a burger and look your family in the eye.’’


Barratt froze the remaining burger so he could finish it, and says a chili pepper grower told him doing so would not affect it’s intense heat. Hove restaurant Burger Off’s spiciest creation requires patrons to sign a waiver before eating it, and Barratt says the endeavor required 24.5 gallons of milk to cool him down.

Most of it was not ingested though. The hilarious video shows Barratt dousing himself with milk in a bathtub soon after he had finished. He at one point talks himself through the pain, asserting that “life is just a burger.’’ The last minute of the video is graphic and shows lots of vomiting, but you can watch it here if you dare.

The YouTube video also features Dr. Alex Mancey-Barratt, a medical doctor who happens to be Ruari’s father, explaining that eating something so hot could result in a heart attack. Evidently, that did not stop the journalist from finishing what he had started.

Barratt also passed along some “ouch-rated selfies’’ from his first encounter with the burger, taken in a bathroom stall as he hallucinated on the floor, to illustrate the pain he was in.

“My hand was cramping up into a little claw,’’ Barratt said. —Ruari Barratt/The Argus

The burger joint’s owner, Nick Gambardella, 54, told Barratt he created the burger as a response to customers who complained that his chili sauce was not hot enough. Gambardella also might have been the best person to sum up the reporter’s triumph, saying “if he’s daft enough to [go] back to the pain a week later I take my hat off to him.’’


One person has reportedly almost died from eating the burger because of a stomach ulcer, and Barratt says about ten people have bought one since he reported on it.

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