Australians Band Together to Save Rider Stuck Between Train and Platform

When a man’s leg slipped between a train and the platform at a station in Perth, Australian, his fellow passengers took matters into their own hands. Literally.

In video footage released by the Public Transit Authority of Western Australia, the man can be seen walking onto the train at Stirling Station when his back foot drops into the gap. In an instant, nearly his entire leg is below the platform and the panicked seconds that follow show that he’s unable to free himself.

The full video shows employees at the train station working for more than 10 minutes to try and free the man, but to no avail. At this stage in the game, you would typically call in some sort of emergency response team that has experience handling these types of situations.


But as any fan of chain steakhouses knows, down in the Outback, it’s always “no rules, just right.’’

So as the crowds gathered on the platform, they collectively decided to ditch the standard operating procedure and just lift the damn train. And in doing so, they lifted our hearts.

After just 35 seconds of pushing, the crowd raises the train enough for the man to slip his leg right back out. According to a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, an ambulance responded to the scene but the man did not go to the hospital. The report said “it is believed he did not sustain serious injuries.’’

Of course, the video made its way onto Reddit and while there’s plenty of praise for the commuters’ actions, some commenters pointed out that had the train pushers gotten tired and dropped their load, the train coming back done could have “done more harm than good.’’

It’s a fair point, but in a world with Ebola outbreaks, a seemingly unresolvable conflict in Gaza, and fires upon fires upon fires, we could all probably use an untainted pick-me-up. So let’s just call it an amazing feat of human kindness and move on with our Wednesday.

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