Photos from the attacks in Brussels, Belgium

Authorities say three explosions killed more than 30 and injured dozens of others.

Explosions in a Brussels subway car and airport claimed the lives of more than 30 civilians, sending the city into a lockdown and prompting others across Europe and the U.S.—including Boston—to increase security around their transportation systems.

Authorities said that an explosion in a subway car stopped at Maelbeek station—not far from the E.U.’s headquarters—killed more than a dozen people and injured over 50 others. Two explosions at the Brussels airport killed at least 10 and injured more than 80 others, according to officials. Initial investigations led authorities to believe that a suicide bomber was involved in at least one of the attacks, and ISIS later claimed responsibility for organizing them.


Tuesday’s explosions come just after the Friday arrest of a key suspect wanted in November’s attacks in Paris, Salah Abdeslam. Abdeslam allegedly told authorities that he was part of a new network that was planning additional attacks, and European officials had been weary of ISIS activity in the area, issuing warnings about a possible major strike.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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