How Boston Ranks in Culture

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of Boston’s most famous cultural institutions.  [[SLIDE]]

August 27, 2014 11:52 AM

Because everyone loves rankings so much, here’s another one about Boston: We are fifth when it comes to culture.

Property research site PropertyShark counted the number of cultural and recreational attractions — museums, libraries, theaters, parks or stadiums — and matched that up to population in the major US cities.

Boston comes in fifth, with one location for every 1,188 people. PropertyShark determined there are a total of 536 properties dedicated to cultural activities.

Seattle comes in first, with one location for every 354 people. New York City has the most with 2,693 properties, but it comes in 13th when you factor in population — one cultural location for every 3,096 people.

Chicago comes in last with one location for every 7,438 people. Memphis is at the bottom with only 115 venues, but 18th when it comes to venue per capita.

Check out PropertyShark’s slideshow below:

Provided by PropertyShark

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