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Best Boston Moving Companies According to Yelp

We turned to Yelp to find some of the top movers in the Boston area.

Here are some of the more reliable moving companies, according to Yelp reviews. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

With less than a month left until September 1, many Bostonians are getting ready to move. If you’re anything like us, you may have left a few things to the last minute. That’s why we turned to Yelp to help you find some of the top movers in the Boston area. While we don’t have the mathematical chops of Nate Silver and his team, we took into account both the quantity and the quality of reviews when putting together this list. These five movers are more likely to help you navigate the chaos of Sept. 1 with as few headaches as possible.


1. Stairhopper MoversFive Stars212 Reviews

This was far-and-away the most well-reviewed moving service we found. Head to their website and enter a large number of details like how many pieces of furniture you plan to move and how many flights of stairs will be involved, and they’ll follow up promptly with a price estimate. A number of reviews mention how friendly, flexible, and easy to deal with they are, even at the last minute. Probably because of the high level of detail they ask for upfront, a number of reviews said they were spot-on or under budget. Stairhopper does both in-town and long distance moves, and seems to be the best option for anyone moving long distances or who are willing to pay a little more to have all logistics handled.

2. A-Plus Moving and Storage Five Stars 174 Reviews

A number of reviews cited how quick and efficient the movers themselves were, with one story about a move in a snowstorm that you have to read to believe.While they have a perfect rating, they seemed to have a larger percentage of negative reviews than some of the other top companies. However, almost all of those reviews had addendums saying that they had been contacted by the company after posting on Yelp, and the company was doing what it could to make sure the customer was satisfied.


Update: An alert reader pointed out that A Plus Moving and Storage was caught trying to buy positive Yelp reviews last year. A good reminder to take ALL reviews with a grain of salt.

3. Safe Responsible Movers Five Stars 113 Reviews

With a name that only a search engine would love, Safe Responsible Movers also has a huge percentage of positive Yelp reviews (which they highlight prominently on their website). They seem most suited to in-town moves, and one or two negative reviews mentioned they can be hard to get a hold of. However, the vast majority of the reviews say they are flexible and easy to work with.

4. Raimond’s Movers Five Stars 108 Reviews

Raimond’s is one of the few that advertises specials or discounts on moving, including one through Yelp. A number of reviews mention how efficient and communicative they are, with several talking about speaking with Raimond himself. The company has favorable reviews for both in-town and interstate moves, and they won our hearts with a giant pirate treasure map graphic on their website.

5. The Other Guys Moving Company and Storage Five Stars 72 Reviews

The winner of The Best of Boston 2014 for Movers, this company and its 6’7’’ founder Julius generate reviews verging on ecstatic. Prices seem competitive with other companies, and many note how careful they are to make sure nothing is damaged. A number of the reviews were from people who called the day of, so if you find yourself panicking the morning of Sept. 1, they might be the people to call. No word if Will Ferrell or Mark Wahlberg are involved.


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