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Your ugly, misfit home could be the star of a new HGTV series. Here’s how to apply.

“Fix My Frankenhouse” will feature Stoughton-based husband-and-wife team Denese and Mike Butler and their master carpenter fathers.

Vintage pink bathroom
HGTV recently sent out a casting call “seeking desperate homeowners needing a serious renovation." Adobe Stock

HGTV is calling all eccentrics, misfits, and oddballs — homes, that is. 

A new series is coming to the Boston area, and your wacky, weird home may be just the project they’re looking for. The channel recently sent out a casting call “seeking desperate homeowners needing a serious renovation” to be featured on its new show, “Fix My Frankenhouse,” where husband-and-wife design team Denese and Mike Butler partner up with their master carpenter dads, John Butler and Peter Doyle, to transform homes with piecemeal designs. 

A ‘frankenhouse’ is a home “that’s been stitched together over time,” said the show’s supervising casting producer, Daniel Henningsen.


“It’s basically a house that’s completely botched or mismatched,” Denese said. “It’s like you step into a time machine when you go into these homes.”

Examples include a home that has a 1990’s Tuscan kitchen with linoleum floors that abuts a 1600’s living room with parquet flooring; a spiral staircase with floral wallpaper that leads to a second level with an orange shag rug and purple walls; and even “Finding Nemo” tile on a hot tub inside a 1700s home that lacks a hot water heater big enough to fill it. 

The show is looking for homes within an hour of Stoughton (and out of the way of Cape summer traffic), where Denese and Mike are based. 

Those with their own orange shag rug-purple wall combo can apply here before reaching out to Henningsen at [email protected].

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