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There’s a house made of Pop-Tarts on Zillow. See inside.

Promotion encourages readers to build their own -- and win money toward their own dream home.

A gingerbread house made of frosted Pop-Tarts.
Zillow describes this home as a "pantry-style farmhouse." Pop-Tarts

If you spend a significant amount of time cruising Zillow, then you’re probably used to seeing unusual properties. But here’s one that officially takes the cake … or gingerbread, in this case.

There’s a gingerbread house made of Pop-Tarts, and it’s officially listed on Zillow.

The four-bed, two-bath home, which measures 35 square feet, is a delicious marketing scheme that’s part of a social media contest by Pop-Tarts to celebrate their limited-edition Frosted Gingerbread flavor. But here’s the kicker: They are giving away $15,000 to put toward your home.

A gingerbread house with furniture made of frosted Pop-Tarts.
. – Pop-Tarts
A gingerbread house kitchen made of frosted Pop-Tarts.
. – Pop-Tarts

“Pop-Tarts knows that all we want for Christmas is … free rent or a fully-paid mortgage. #adulting. That’s why this holiday, Pop-Tarts is celebrating its brand-new flavor with a crazy good gift,” a release from the company reads.


Participants are encouraged to build their own Gingerbread Pop-Tarts house, and then post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GingerbreadPopTartEntry. Here are the official rules, if you’re thinking of entering.

A gingerbread house made of frosted Pop-Tarts.
. – Pop-Tarts

As for the very thorough Zillow description, the entire house is crafted out of Pop-Tarts.

“Just north of the Wild Berry Woods in the foothills of the Applefritterlachians, this pantry-style farmhouse features immaculately frosted finishings, a toasty interior, and ample acreage – provided you’re roughly the size of Frosted Gingerbread Pop-Tarts,” the listing description reads. It has everything from a kitchen with Frosted Raspberry cabinets to a Frosted Cookies & Crème counter space. Don’t miss the upstairs fireplace, which is furnished with “beautifully restored Frosted Apple Fritter wallpaper,” or the game room, with a Frosted Chocolate Fudge TV stand and tiny billiards table.

A gingerbread house with couches, a coffee table, and a pool table made of frosted Pop-Tarts.
. – Pop-Tarts

While the property doesn’t have a price, the listing reads that it’s “fresh from the toaster,” which should certainly count for something.


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