New Year, New Vibes: The Best of Dick’s Sporting Goods Back to School Deals

Parents rejoice because the best time is finally near: back-to-school season! It’s about time for kids to return to a normal school day routine, especially after over a year of supporting young children through distance learning and Zoom classes; we have all learned just how advantageous learning in a real classroom setting truly is. However, starting school comes with a hefty price; whether you’ll be dropping your student off on their first day of elementary school, high school, or even a college campus, all that matters is that they are properly prepared for the year ahead. For many students, this means having the newest, trendiest clothes to sport around campus, so lucky for us, back-to-school sales are about to begin! While many retailers host some amazing deals this time of year, one of our top picks is Dick’s Sporting Goods. From activewear to loungewear to shoes, you can find great deals on anything your student needs. Keep reading for the best of the Dick’s Sporting Goods back-to-school deals!

Get Dick’s Sporting Goods free shipping

Free shipping on orders $65 or more

Nothing marks a great deal like free shipping! Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering the best deal of them all this back-to-school season with free shipping on orders $65 or more. No need to worry about meeting the minimum order value with excellent prices on some of the best sporting brands. Get your free shipping by purchasing the perfect piece for your student’s after-school sports or trips to the gym. This Under Armour men’s compression t-shirt is a great way item to snag during the Dick’s Sporting Goods back to school sale!

Save on this week’s Dick’s Sporting Goods deals

Get up to 70% off this week’s deals

One of the integral parts of elementary school and middle school education is the fitness test! It’s the survival of the fittest–literally–and you want to make sure your little athlete is prepared to train. The most challenging part of this physical test is the dreaded one-mile run. No matter how much complaining students do over the years, the mile stands as one of the most crucial parts of the state test. While the P.E. teachers are in charge of helping the students physically prepare, you can supply your student with some great athletic clothes! Right now you can save up to 70% on Dick’s Sporting Good’s weekly deals, no promo code needed! Use this offer to purchase a stylish pair of Nike running shorts for your athlete in training to wear in P.E. class and during after school sports!

Head back to school at the top of your style game with Dick’s Sporting Goods hype-worthy trends!

We all know the importance of picking the perfect first day of school outfit. You must start the school year off right by dressing to impress right off the bat. Students everywhere plan every detail of their look, sometimes weeks in advance! Having all the latest trends in clothes, shoes, and even accessories, is the first step to any amazing outfit, and you can find everything your student needs at Dick’s Sporting Goods! Dick’s Sporting Goods back to school is fully stocked with the trendiest items in athleticwear fashion right now all for great prices! Get your student the perfect NorthFace backpack for carrying heavy textbooks, laptops, and other school supplies across campus all year long!

Shop Dick’s Sporting Goods men’s styles for less

Looking for the latest in men’s activewear? Look no further than Dick’s Sporting Goods! Activewear is great for college students; not only will the new pieces encourage your college student to hit the gym, but they double as excellent comfy clothes to wear to class. With some of the trendiest styles of the season, you’ll be sure to find something your student will love. These VRST slim fit joggers are the perfect pair of pants for students- comfy, stylish, and, most importantly, well priced! Get all the best menswear styles at the Dick’s Sporting Goods back-to-school sale!

Dick’s Sporting Goods deals on women’s styles

Dick’s Sporting Goods has great deals on styles for every department. Men, children, and women can all find pieces they will love, so the back-to-school season is an excellent time to snag clothes for your kids for great prices! Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing with some pieces to keep your children warm during long nights at the library. Right now, you can save big on the women’s selection during the Dick’s Sporting Goods back to school sale. Find great prices on popular brands, like this Nike fleece crewneck! Your daughter will love this for keeping cozy on her way to class!

Still looking for more? Find even more amazing Dick’s Sporting Goods deals, promo codes, and more on our coupons page! Happy back-to-school season and happy shopping!

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