Lord Hobo’s newest beer is a ‘liquid trophy’ celebrating Boston’s sports dominance

"617" hazy Boston IPA launches April 5.

Lord Hobo describes its “617” as a hazy Boston IPA. —Lord Hobo Brewing Co.

Anyone who’s ever said “they hate us ‘cuz they ain’t us” will probably like Lord Hobo’s new beer.

The Woburn brewery is releasing “617,” a New England-style IPA it’s calling a “Hazy Boston IPA” and “a liquid trophy” in honor of Boston’s sports dominance. On the can, the words “Title Town,” a reference to New England’s recent string of Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins successes, are hard to miss.

Hazy IPAs aren’t new, nor are brash Boston sports fans. But it appears this is one of the first times a brewery has put the two decidedly New England things together.


“617” is, appropriately, 6.17 percent alcohol by volume and brewed with a mix of four hops, which lend citrus and tropical fruit aromas punctuated by pine and floral notes. The beer will officially kick off in 16-ounce cans and on draft on April 5 with a limited taproom release, with a wider release to follow.

“I’ve been fortunate to travel all over, and despite living most of my life in Boston, it is still by far my favorite city,” said Lord Hobo founder Daniel Lanigan in a press release. “This beer embodies what Boston is all about.”

Lord Hobo, which launched in 2015, is now the fifth-largest brewery in Massachusetts. Lanigan also owns the bar of the same name in Inman Square.