What could the Patriots have done better to cover Russell Wilson? Bill Belichick shared his thoughts.

"It's a multitude of problems when playing against him."

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick shared his thoughts on competing against the Seattle Seahawks following the team's loss on Sunday.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has said before that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is “underrated.” He’s praised his decision-making, his passing numbers, and Wilson’s ability to make strategic decisions in the right moment.

After the Patriots dramatic 30-35 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, Belichick was critical about what Wilson did well, and what his team could have done better when covering him.

“I thought we actually handled him in the pocket pretty well,” Belichick said while appearing on WEEI’s “Ordway, Merloni and Fauria” show on Monday. “We missed a couple tackles where we had a chance to get him but we just couldn’t get him. But, that’s part of playing him, too. He’s not an easy guy to tackle and to corral and if he has space to work with, he’s very deceptive with the ball and sometimes he runs it, sometimes he throws it, sometimes he slides [and] doesn’t. He’s very instinctive, he’s got a lot of experience and he’s resourceful at being able to create and do things on the football field.”


“It wasn’t that we didn’t have anybody for him at times or there was a lot of open space,” Belichick continued. “A couple times we just weren’t able to get close enough to him to get him, even though we were sort of there but it just wasn’t quite good enough. He does that, too, we just got to do a better job at coaching and executing in those situations. There’s very little margin for error with him and anything, whether it’s containing him, covering the receivers he’s throwing to, reading his eyes and where he’s looking and how he can control the defense, he’s exceptional at all those things when you put it all together, it’s a multitude of problems when playing against him.”

Still, Belichick was honest that even with great defensive positioning and coverage, things happen.

“Sometimes in this league defensively, you can be in a great position and you can have a player covered about as well as you can cover them and an exceptional throw and catch sometimes beats great coverage. Just like when Matt Ryan hit Julio Jones in the Super Bowl on the sideline, sometimes there’s only an inch or two to get the ball in there and these great players can do it, great quarterbacks can do it, and receivers can catch it. We’re always trying to do things the best we can and sometimes you just have to give credit to their opponents for a great play.”


However, he’s not making any excuses for what the Patriots could have done better — he’s simply giving a nod to the Seahawks’ offense that executed when it counted.

“That being said, there’s a lot of other things we could have done better in the game: we could have coached better [and] played better. That would have helped ourselves along the way and I think that’s really where we need to continue to focus on. Some things we did pretty well and had good results…Like I said, you have to give them credit for doing a little bit better… It’s just one of those games, it came down to the final play and it’s two competitive teams battling it out. It’s a lot of good football out there and a lot of good football players.”

Such was the case in the final moments of the game, as quarterback Cam Newton was tackled at the goal-line on the final play to solidify the Seahawks’ victory.

As far as what Belichick saw on that play, reiterated what he said in the post-game press conference on Sunday. This time, however, he kept his observation even more simple.

“They made a good play on it,” he said. “We came up a little short.”


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