The NHL’s newest team trolled the Bruins on Twitter with Boston stereotypes

Not everyone thought it was funny.

The Bruins and Golden Knights clash in Las Vegas on Sunday night.
The Bruins and Golden Knights clash in Las Vegas on Sunday night. –Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The NHL’s newest team felt uninhibited about its style of jokes on Sunday night, and it came at the expense of a familiar Boston target. Making overt attempts to mock the stereotypical Boston accent, the Twitter account for the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights was nothing if not notable.

The Golden Knights – playing in just the fifth game of the team’s NHL existence – skated to a 3-1 win over the Bruins. In the process of the game, the team’s Twitter account began tweeting in a so-called Boston accent. The social media trolling began with a reference to the movie “Ted” as the Golden Knights’ Twitter announced the “Broons” lineup:


Not all fans understood the reference, prompting follow-up tweets:

The “wicked” reference came shortly after the puck dropped:

A car-parking reference was not far behind:

Predictably, chowder followed:

Lamenting an early lack of goals, the Golden Knights’ Twitter completed Boston stereotype bingo by mentioning Fenway Park in the continued style:

Not everyone saw humor in the Twitter jokes. A USA Today columnist called the “Ted” reference sexist.

The Bruins welcome the Golden Knights to Boston on November 2.

Update: The Golden Knights issued a statement apologizing for the “Ted” tweets:


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