The Lightning had some strong words about Brad Marchand’s apparent licking

“All I’m going to say is there’s absolutely no place in our game for that."

He’s at it again. As several skirmishes broke out at the 11:37 mark of the second period, the Bruins’ Brad Marchand squared off with Tampa Bay’s Ryan Callahan. The two were jawing at each other, and got in each other’s face. That was not close enough, as Marchand appeared to try to bait Callahan by getting very close — a lick, perhaps? — to Callahan’s face.

No penalties were assessed on the play.

“All I’m going to say is there’s absolutely no place in our game for that,’’ Lightning coach Jon Cooper said after Friday night’s game. “I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. I don’t. How would you feel if I just walked over to you right now and just gave you one big lick right on the chin all the way up? There’s just no place in the game for that.’’


After the game Callahan said he did not know the difference between licking someone’s face and spitting in it. He then refused to discuss it.

“It doesn’t take us off our game,” Callahan told reporters. “We’ll let the refs handle that. Like I said, I’m just surprised that something isn’t done.

Marchand responded to Callahan’s comment: “That’s cute. Good for him.’’

Zdeno Chara, asked what he said to Marchand, said, “I’m not recalling. I was more worried about being there for the scrum after, waiting for explanations from the referees what their call was going to be.’’

It was not the first time Marchand tried to get his licks in on an opponent this postseason. In the Bruins’ first-round series against Toronto, Marchand got up close and personal with Leo Komarov.

“Sometimes I think he’s a little goofy,’’ Cassidy said after Marchand’s first incident. “That happens. But I don’t mind goofy. It’s just part of Marchy’s personality. It’s when he starts to go the other way.’’