What Boston sports radio had to say about Brad Marchand’s licking and Tuukka Rask’s performance

Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand is escorted to the penalty box during the second period of Game 3.

Bruins fans are heading into the summer with a salty taste on the tip of their tongue.

Boston exited the playoffs after the Tampa Bay Lightning bounced back from a Game 1 defeat to win four straight and move on to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Lightning were the top seed in the East, so the outcome of Game 5 was not a complete shock, but Brad Marchand’s licks and Tuukka Rask’s play were certainly talking points in the aftermath of the series.

On the Boston radio dial this week, the hosts and callers were almost unanimously in agreement that the goaltender was not the problem for the Bruins. (To the point that the person they were arguing against seemed to exist only to scare away crows.) But there was plenty of disagreement about Marchand’s decision to lap the sweat off Lightning forward Ryan Callahan’s nose.


Here’s what Boston sports radio had to say about Marchand’s licking and Rask’s playoff performance:

Brad Marchand

Toucher & Rich (98.5 FM)

It’s stupid. It’s goofy. It’s absurd. Whatever you want to call it. But these people acting like it’s the end of the world or that he’s out there hurting people — relax. He’s licking someone’s cheek. If anything, he’s the one thats truly suffering, when you think about how sweaty a dude’s face is. I don’t think I’d want to do that if I was him. — Ty Anderson

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria (93.7 FM)

He’s too good for this crap. As a Bruins fan, I sit there and kind of laugh at it even though I think it is going over the line. But it’s funny, because he’s on your team. I don’t mind the licking. I mind the bad turnovers and the disappearing act late in the series more than I mind him licking anybody.  Lou Merloni

He’s turned out to be one of the league’s great players. He can’t continue doing what he’s doing. I don’t know why the league took so long to step up to the plate, because you can’t spit on another player…Licking and spitting are pretty much the same thing. You’re sharing saliva. Its virtually the same thing. It’s just goofy and idiotic and opens the door for all sorts of stuff. — Glenn Ordway

Zolak & Bertrand (98.5 FM)

Is it gross? Yes. Do you respect it? No. But the overreaction to it makes me sort of not even get upset about it. I don’t want to be anywhere near this side of the argument, so I’m just going to sit here and say, “Whatever. He licked a guy.” — Marc Bertrand

Kirk & Callahan (93.7 FM)

So embarrassing that this is now going to be a rule next year because of this idiot. — Kirk Minihane

Dale & Keefe (93.7 FM)

You know what you sign up for with him. And over the course of the year, it’s worth it. — Rich Keefe

Felger & Mazz (98.5 FM)

Beyond the licking and everything else, he played like garbage. If he’s going to be the guy who’s on the edge and doing all the questionable stuff — fine. As long as he produces. But if he doesn’t produce and does that…I’m more upset about the lack of production. — Tony Massarotti

It’s embarrassing. It became the headline of the series, it became the face of your franchise, it became the face of the series. That. You think that’s what the Bruins want to be known for? A rat licking somebody? — Michael Felger

Half the time, he’s an embarrassment. He is a really good player, though, and he’s not going anywhere. Nor should he. But you wanna say, ‘Can you cut the crap?’ But I guess he needs to keep the crap in his game. I don’t know where to go with it, all I’m saying is that thing is not a small deal and it’s not defensible. — Michael Felger

Tuukka Rask

Toucher & Rich (98.5 FM)

I can’t believe people are still complaining about Tuukka Rask. No five-on-five goal scoring. No David Krejci: Completely invisible. Rick Nash: Complete bust. The Bruins looked like Winnie the Pooh. Big Bad Bruins? I’ve never seen Adam McQuaid get knocked around the way he was knocked around in this series. Anyone complaining about Tuukka Rask- you know nothing about hockey, you’re not a real Bruins fan. Go to the swimming pool, the summertime has started, get lost. This team was totally outplayed. — Caller

Your opinion of [Tuuka Rask’s] play and the people who want him out of here and are coming with pitchforks this morning? — Fred Toettcher

Get a clue. Simple as that. I don’t think you can look at this series and say this is Tuukka’s fault. He was bad in the first round, I will admit that. This second round he was their best player. — Ty Anderson

Kirk & Callahan (93.7 FM)

Tuukka was good in this series. He wasn’t the problem and they still got smoked. It wasn’t the refs fault. It wasn’t “Puukka’s” fault. — Gerry Callahan

Zolak & Bertrand (98.5 FM)

I know people are going to bitch about Tuukka because ‘you’re never going to win games in the NHL playoffs when you give up three or four goals and this and that.’ You could actually argue that Tuukka was their best player in this series. If he didn’t make some of the saves that he did, you would have got your ass swept. You really would’ve. — Scott Zolak