Boston sports legends congratulate Patrice Bergeron on his 1,000th career game

Paul Pierce, Julian Edelman, Jason Varitek, and David Ortiz all praised the 33-year-old.

Patrice Bergeron Bruins NHL
Patrice Bergeron waves to the crowd after scoring the winning goal Saturday. –Winslow Townson / AP Photo

Paul Pierce, Julian Edelman, Jason Varitek, and David Ortiz all congratulated Patrice Bergeron in a video Saturday for playing in his 1,000th career game with the Bruins.

The Bruins also honored the 33-year-old Bergeron with a pre-game tribute, and he responded by scoring the game-winning goal in overtime of Boston’s 5-4 triumph over the Los Angeles Kings.

Bergeron noted afterward that he appreciated the love and support he received from all of his current and former teammates, the fans, and his fellow Boston athletes.

“Yeah, I had to kind of look away a few times,” Bergeron said of the pre-game video. “It was pretty special to hear from all these guys, like I said. To me, the winning and the friendships, the friends I’ve made over the years, is the most important. That was very special.”


Former Celtics’ captain Pierce delivered his message from inside the TD Garden.

“Wassup, Bergy?” Pierce says in the video. “Congratulations on a thousand games. Ay, you must have got a lot of miles on them legs. Hopefully, you get 1,000 more. Good luck. Congratulations.”

Super Bowl MVP Edelman – still sporting his signature beard, pre-shave – congratulated Bergeron from the treadmill. Wearing a Kent State football sweatshirt and a winter hat, he encouraged Bergeron to keep it going and let out a primal “Let’s go!” in the process.

“Bergeron! Congrats, bro. 1,000 games,” Edelman said. “I’m over here trying to get a little workout in so I can come up to like 1/1000th of that. Stud.”

Varitek, the Red Sox’ former catcher, said it’s been a pleasure for the city of Boston to watch Bergeron over the years. He, too, lauded him for his accomplishments and told him he hopes he keeps it going.

Former Red Sox slugger Ortiz appeared to send his message from the water. He wore a yellow hat, a white Dolce & Gabbana shirt with a crown on it, and dark sunglasses.

“Hey, man. What’s going on, Patrice? This is Big Papi, right here,” Ortiz said. “I just want to say congratulations on your 1,000 career game. Hey, man. We have been lucky enough in the city of Boston to watch you all these years doing that ‘thang.’ Congratulations, man. Enjoy, and go Bruins.”