‘Pour it on’: What Tom Brady and other Patriots tweeted during the Bruins’ Game 7 victory

Brady was watching as the Bruins eliminated the Maple Leafs from the NHL playoffs.

Tom Brady Super Bowl interview
Tom Brady speaks after winning Super Bowl LIII and before he became a guy tweeting about games like the rest of us. –Harry How / Getty Images

The Bruins eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 on Tuesday with a 5-1 victory, and Tom Brady was watching.

The Patriots star sent support the Bruins’ way throughout the pivotal game that sent the team to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Here is what Brady had to say:

Brady encouraged the Bruins to “pour it on”

After the Bruins finished the first period leading 2-0, Brady’s message was clear: Keep it going.

He suggested Zdeno Chara become a two-sport athlete

Brady and the Patriots are in need of help at tight end after longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski retired in March. The team signed Austin Sefarian-Jenkins to a one-year deal, but Brady proposed an alternate solution: Throw some shoulder pads on the 6-foot-9-inch Bruins captain.


Brady said the Bruins are “#MadeForThis”

Brady knows a great win when he sees one. He knows what it takes to win a championship. He encouraged the Bruins to “keep going” as they advance to the second round.

Other Patriots got in on the act, too.

Kyle Van Noy gave Drake a shout-out as the rapper’s team lost a playoff series … again

The “Drake Curse” might be real after all.

James White was ready to party as the game ended

The Bruins’ second-round series against the Blue Jackets begins at 7 p.m. on Thursday. Boston will have home-ice advantage throughout the rest of the playoffs by virtue of both Tampa Bay (by Columbus) and Calgary (by Colorado) being upset in other first-round series.