This St. Louis cigar bar tried mocking the Boston accent — and the internet was not impressed

“They’ve got the best focken lobsta grindas."

St Louis-06/09/19 The Boston Bruins play the St. Louis Blues in Game 6 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals at Enterprise Center. Brothers Francios Raymond(left) a blues fan and Daniel, a Bruins fan,  both from Montreal have different points of view on whose going to win. John Tlumacki/Globe Staff(sports)
–John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

With the Stanley Cup Final coming down to Game 7 this week, the clash between Boston and St. Louis is playing out on multiple fronts.

On the ice. On the Twitter feeds of local celebrities. In the food sections of the local newspapers. And even on the walls of local bars.

In this case, it was St. Louis that fired the first shot.

Before Game 6 on Sunday night, ESPN hockey writer Greg Wyshynski stopped by Durango Cigar Lounge and stumbled upon the St. Louis bar’s attempt to mock the Boston accent.

“This bah is the wick’d pissa!” a black-and-white sign on the wall says, feigning the words of a supposed Bruins fan.


“They’ve got the best focken lobsta grindas,” it goes on. “And the coldest focken beehrs. I focken kid you not.”

But seriously, they must be focken kidding.

Where do we start? Perhaps at the most egregious error. Focken? Whatever pronunciation of the F-word that is, it certainly isn’t the Boston accent.

Boston magazine’s Spencer Buell suggested something along the lines of “Scottish footballer.” One Twitter user replied it sounded like “someone who can’t tell Boston and Jersey shore apart and doesn’t think their clientele can either.”

“‘Focken’? please, it’s ‘fahkin,'” another replied.

Others took issue with “lobsta grinda,” which one user perhaps accurately asserted has “never been said by anyone from Boston” (the term grinder is more of a Connecticut thing).

“It’s not a grinder it’s a sub, and it would be a Lobsta roll,” another Twitter user said.

Maybe it’s another “St. Louis-style” delicacy, in which you take a lobster roll and then cut it wrong.

Still, it’s all in good fun. Not all cities can have the second-sexiest accent in all of America. And Bostonians would likely mock the St. Louis one right back — if the city even had its own distinct accent. Sorry, just stealing Chicago’s doesn’t count.