Bruins-Blues Stanley Cup Final: A few things to know about Game 7

It's the seventh straight season that the eventual Stanley Cup champion will have won at least one Game 7 to win it all.

The Bruins were ready to come on to the ice for a celebration in the waning seconds of Game 6.

It all comes down to one game. The endurance test that is the NHL postseason is almost over, as both the Bruins and the Blues are in Boston Tuesday ahead of Wednesday night’s Game 7. Both teams are practicing at TD Garden today, knowing that one of them will be skating around on that same ice tomorrow night, hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Things to know

  • This will mark the seventh straight year that the Stanley Cup champion will have won at least one Game 7. Since 1987, when all rounds became best-of-seven, 22 of 32 Cup winners will have contested at least one Game 7 en route to winning a title.
  • Either the Bruins or Blues will become the 13th team in NHL history to win multiple Game 7s en route to a title, with 2019 marking the third such instance under the current playoff format, joining the 2014 Kings and 2017 Penguins.
  • The 2011 Bruins won three Game 7s en route to capturing the title, but under a different format.
  • This will be the 17th time that the Stanley Cup will go to a Game 7, with the home team holding a 12-4 advantage. The road team, however, has won each of the last two with the Bruins doing so in 2011 and the Penguins in 2009.