‘That goal may have cost them the Stanley Cup’: Bruins analyst blames Brad Marchand after Game 7 loss

"He's in no-man's land. He's standing still."

Brad Marchand after the Bruins' Game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup Final.

The Bruins started strong in Game 7 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Final, but trailed the Blues 2-0 by the end of the first period. It was a frustrating start from which Boston never recovered, falling 4-1 to St. Louis.

One play in particular seemed to stand out to Bruins analyst Tony Amonte. Brad Marchand, one of Boston’s best players throughout the season, hesitated on a St. Louis breakaway. As Marchand stepped off the ice for an untimely change, the Blues went up 2-0 with less than 10 seconds remaining in the first period on a goal from Alex Pietrangelo.

“Marchand was in the zone, then he’s out of the zone,” said Amonte on NBC Sports Boston. “There he is at the blue line, then he changes, Pietrangelo skates right past him. He’s in no-man’s land. He’s standing still. You see the change? Way too late. You have to start heading back towards your net. You know you’re standing still at the blue line. You’re done. You’re done. You have to just start retreat[ing]. Get back. Go back to the spot.”


In Amonte’s opinion, Marchand’s inaction cost Boston more than just another goal.

“That goal may have cost them the Stanley Cup,” Amonte charged. “I really think that that one, when they get a two-goal lead, they’re a tough team to come back against, the St. Louis Blues are. They’ve done it all playoff long. Yes a one-goal lead you’re one shot away, now they get the two-goal lead. They just sat on it. Even in the second period, they go into their 1-4 and Boston just couldn’t get in on the forecheck.”