This Detroit newspaper sarcastically made fun of Boston following the Bruins’ Game 7 loss

"It's difficult for a single sports city to win 3 championships in the same season."

As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the Bruins were not a happy bunch. Jim Davis / The Boston Globe

What gives, Detroit Free Press?

Following the Bruins’ heartbreaking loss Wednesday night in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Detroit newspaper took to social media — yet again — to rib Boston fans.

“Dear Boston,” the @freep Twitter account wrote at 10:41 p.m., seconds after the Game 7 horn sounded. “We are so sorry for what transpired on your hockey rink tonight. Your city’s sports teams have suffered long enough. We know in our hearts you’ll get through this difficult time.”

The Free Press followed up an hour later to admit that “the sarcasm was a little harsh.”

Boston fans, of course, have already seen their sports teams bring home two championship trophies over the past year. A win by the Bruins would have made Boston the first city to accomplish the rare sports championship “trifecta” since Detroit’s baseball, football, and hockey teams did it in the 1930s (albeit at a time when there were far fewer teams in each league).

Now, it’s been more than a decade since Detroit has won a major championship, courtesy of the once-great Red Wings. But that didn’t stop the Free Press from rubbing Boston’s noses in failing to match what their city did more than eight decades ago.

“We get it,” they wrote. “It’s difficult for a single sports city to win 3 championships in the same season. In fact, it’s never been do-

“Oh wait.”

When confronted with its more recent sporting tribulations (cough cough), the Free Press didn’t back down.

The paper even tweeted a short-lived attempt to mock the Bruins for going scoreless, which lasted until late in the third period Wednesday night.


It’s not the first time the Free Press has injected itself into the conversation as a Boston team vied for a championship. After the Patriots clinched a trip to the Super Bowl this past winter, the paper took to Twitter to remind everyone that New England had lost to the Lions by double digits earlier that season. And after the Red Sox won the 2018 World Series, the Free Press tweeted “you’re welcome,” since several members of the Red Sox, including president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski, used to be with the Tigers.

So why is the Free Press so intent on getting under Boston sport fans’ skin? It’s tough to say. Maybe they’re jealous that they don’t have Tom Brady or that Amazon likes Boston better. Or maybe they’re just sour about Matt Patricia coming to Detroit and chastising them about their bad posture.