New York Times Wins for Best LeBron James Cover

NY Times LeBron cover of its SportsSaturday section.
NY Times LeBron cover of its SportsSaturday section. –SCREENSHOT

Unless you live under a rock, you know that LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. Virtually every major US newspaper covered the event, but none did it in as understated and as awesome a way as the The New York Times.

Rather than bury the Cleveland Cavaliers’ signing of James in the middle of the paper among a slew of box scores, ads, and TV schedules, the Times slapped the monumental news right smack in the center of the cover of the sports section, completely surrounded by white space.

It was a bold move that probably played off the fact that most other media outlets used flashy pictures and text to hype up James’s return to Ohio.


After all, what else has anyone been talking about?

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