BDC Now: Four Baskets, 30 Seconds, $10,000, Zero Problems for College Senior

It’s not quite what LeBron James pulls in, but getting $10,000 for hitting four baskets is still pretty good. Watch this college senior pull off the feat on today’s BDC Now, and read more about the health benefits of beards, a new boat that could mean the end of sea sickness, T-Pain’s beautiful voice, and how long it would take the world’s richest people to spend their entire fortunes.

Not Bad for a Soccer Player

When we first watched this Bryan College student sink four baskets for $10,000 in tuition money, we thought it was pretty impressive. But we didn’t know the full story. The video alone is simple pandemonium – each of his first three shots hits the rim, basically leaving it up to chance whether the ball will drop in. Well, chance was on his side and, with one second to spare (you can hear the crowd counting down), he heaves his fourth shot and nets a windfall. Lucky? Sure. Impressive? You have no idea. According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, our suddenly wealthy protagonist’s name is Gustavo Angela Tamayo, he’s a senior who plays soccer at Bryan College, and he’s never played competitive basketball before. Oh, and he had a broken finger on his left hand. That might explain all the rim he hit.


T-Pain’s Voice Will Cure Your Sorrows

Take a moment and think of the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. Now, take another moment and prepare yourself to have that thing taken down a peg by T-Pain. He stopped by NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series and put on a stripped down concert without the benefit of auto-tune. It was incredible. He performed “Buy U A Drank,’’ “Up Down,’’ and “Drankin’ Patna.’’ Who knew a song with the lyrics “let’s get drunk, forget what we did’’ could sound so melodic? The point is, T-Pain’s famous auto-tune habit is not an addiction. His pipes don’t need help – he’s got the voice of an angel. Go ahead and listen. You won’t find a better way to spend 14 minutes than listening to this. Or, more accurately, 28 minutes since you’ll probably listen twice.

Put Down the Razor

Every time a man shaves, he dies a little. And we’re not just saying that because he’ll be less cool without facial hair – we mean it literally. According to The Daily Mirror, having a beard is actually healthier for men. The gist is that shaving increases your risk of rashes and skin irritation while beards protect your skin from sun damage and trap dust particles and other irritants that can contribute to allergies and asthma. Sounds like a simple choice, but before growing one, men should know that beards have one very common side effect: Almost every man who has one comes down with a severe case of handsomeness.


Say Goodbye to Sea Sickness

Last month we found the “magic cup holder that could mean the end of spilled coffee.’’ Now, we basically found that cup holder, but in boat form. The Martini 1.5, named because it won’t let motion of the ocean spoil a good cocktail party, is a new boat design that features two large pontoons connected to the ship’s cabin by an active suspension system that pushes and pulls the pontoons to create a smooth ride. For those who don’t exactly understand what that means (us included), Wired explains that it turns the Martini into “an Olympic hurdler: The legs fly up and down to clear obstacles, the torso and head stay level.’’ The boat can handle five-and-a-half-foot waves even as it travels as fast as 30 miles per hour. So even as you’re speeding across the ocean, you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink – or your lunch.

It Must Be Nice Being Rich

Congratulations, Oxfam, you found a new way to make us feel bad about ourselves. Normally it’s just guilt over not giving money to the good causes you fight for. But today it’s sadness over just how little money we have in the first place. Oxfam put together a report on economic inequality and it sure makes us wish we had a little more scratch. According to its calculations, the 10 richest people on Earth are so wealthy that they couldn’t spend their fortunes in fewer than 100 years – and that’s if they’re spending a million dollars every day! Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man with a net worth of $80 billion, would need 220 years to spend it all. For Bill Gates, in second place with $79 billion, would need 218 years. We’re pretty sure we could drain our bank accounts in a few months if we were actually trying to. It’s probably not the best idea, but we’re starting to come around to that whole “wealth redistribution’’ thing. Share the love, rich guys!

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