Scal Recounts Crazy KG Story Involving Arm-Wrestling, Spitting at 35,000 Feet

Kevin Garnett is a crazy man. His fans know it, his teammates know it, and Joakim Noah really knows it.

Brian Scalabrine, too, knows it.

The Celtics human-victory-cigar-turned-broadcaster recently shared the craziest KG story of their three years together on FOX Sports 1, and it’s a doozy.

It’s 2010, and the Celtics are on an airplane cruising at 35,000 feet. All day, hulking center Glen “Big Baby’’ Davis — conservatively listed at 6-feet, 9-inches and 289 pounds in the current Clippers roster — had been arm-wrestling his teammates into submission, Scalabrine says, and Garnett’s turn had come.

Garnett is a man for whom hissing like a cobra — a technique the now-Net calls the ‘King Cobra,’ according to Scal — and barking like a dog are common occurrences. This is not a man you want to arm wrestle and yet, somehow, he’s the man the Celtics were expecting to lose.


“They sit down. We’re all thinking, ‘KG’s done, there’s no way,’’’ Scalabrine says. “And on the go, no one moves.’’

Moments later, Scalabrine recalls, Garnett starts repeatedly shouting ‘I’M NOT MOVING.’ Ninety seconds later, Big Baby shows signs of fatigue — and Garnett makes his move. Davis’ hand hits the table.

“[Garnett] gets up, and with a lot of profanity: ‘I’m the alpha male in this thing. I’m the alpha dog in here. Don’t you guys ever forget it,’’’ Scalabrine says.

Scalabrine learned two things that day: Garnett is crazy, and he’s an all-time competitor.

“Big Baby should have won that arm-wrestling contest,’’ Scalabrine said. “Against all odds, [Garnett’s] gonna compete at the highest level and figure out a way. To me, at 35,000 feet, seeing KG sweat profusely and spit all over kids on the plane — that was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.’’

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