Watch the Celtics play rock-paper-scissors to choose technical foul shooter

Jae Crowder won the battle with Avery Bradley and took technical foul free throw.

Celtics play rock-paper-scissors.
Celtics play rock-paper-scissors. –CSSNE

The Celtics ran into a problem in the closing seconds of their matchup against the Heat Sunday night after Miami forward Justise Winslow committed a technical foul.

Normally, Isaiah Thomas, the best free throw shooter on the Celtics, would take the technical foul free throw. But the All-Star point guard had just been ejected from the game moments earlier. Without their default choice as an option, the team’s best remaining shooters on the court (Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley) came up with a creative method to pick a fill-in: a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Teammates like Al Horford enjoyed a good laugh as Crowder’s paper bested Bradley’s rock in the matchup. Crowder ultimately missed the free throw; but with Celtics holding a nine-point lead with under a minute remaining, it didn’t matter. Boston ultimately cruised to a 105-95 road win.

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