Danny Ainge has a question for Isaiah Thomas about his Brink’s truck sandals

Point guard Isaiah Thomas is hoping for a big pay day from the Boston Celtics when he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2018.

“I’m a max guy, so I deserve the max,” he told CSNNE earlier in July. “We’ve just got to continue to take care of business on the court and let the cards fall where they may. I’m happy for all the guards and all the other guys getting their money, because they deserve it, but my time’s coming.”

“They know they’ve got to bring the Brink’s truck out,” he said, echoing his statement from last year.¬†One of Brink’s services is operating armored vehicles to securely transport large amounts of cash or other valuables.


Thomas took his comments one step further by showing off a new pair of sandals that feature a Brink’s truck and dollar bills.

While Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge didn’t comment on Thomas’ future contract, he did have one question for the All-Star: “How expensive are these Brink’s slides?”