Evan Turner thinks the ‘Cavs came out big’ after Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade

Evan Turner reacts to a foul call in the fourth quarter against the Charlotte Hornets at TD Garden. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The Celtics traded their beloved point guard Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland on Tuesday night in a blockbuster deal with the Cavaliers. While Thomas has yet to comment on the move, a former teammate spoke out in support of the two-time NBA All-Star.

Evan Turner, who played two seasons in Boston, tweeted: “Damn dog, my guy I.T. Deserve better. I understand it’s a business but that dude did a lot of the organization. Only going to get better!”

The forward proceed to share his thoughts on Twitter and appeared to indicate that he believes Cleveland got the better end of the deal.


When fellow users vouched that the move still benefits the Celtics, Turner immediately tried to shoot down their counterarguments.

The player the Celtics received in exchange for Thomas, Kyrie Irving, has opted to wear No. 11, which are not only his dad’s but also Turner’s former digits. Turner did not seem fazed nor slighted by the decision, chalking it up to the way of the league.